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Bark Butter grooming products are made of all natural & organic ingredients designed for dogs.

All our ingredients are locally sourced within Australia. Fraser created Bark Butter back in 2015 for his dog Norman; He’s a British bulldog and very prone to skin irritations, hot spots, infected skin folds, dry nose and paws. Fraser was a chef for 20 years and worked all over the world. He began dabbling in organic and natural dog care and ingredient research and learned to make his products for two reasons: 1) he enjoys working with dogs and wants them to have the best possible natural products, and: 2) because he was frustrated with existing dog products on the market.

After seeing the results on Norman's skin (which always used to be red, and dry with inflamed skin folds no matter what I used), his friends demanded that he start making products for them as well. Once he did, they all declared that the product worked wonderfully on their dogs also, diminishing redness, helping acne and reducing skin infections and irritations. They then encouraged him (OK. "Demanded") that he start Bark Butter Australia selling these products, and they haven’t looked back.

They only source local organic and natural ingredients for their products supporting Australian farmers and small businesses.

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