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Claire and her partner Nadia, an Aussie/Scottish duo from Warrnambool are the team behind Big Big Bear. Living with their 4 amazing dogs, the same number of slightly grumpy cats and a collection of prancing poultry, they also foster pets too so sometimes it can get a bit hectic!

We're told they have a very specific working environment, including (but not limited to) rad 90s tunes & an abundance of tea/gin depending on how their progress is going. Despite being pretty laid back, they pride themselves on making high quality items that have just as much personality as their customers.

Their pets have pretty distinct personalities, so they're sure yours do as well - that's why they believe your pets deserve something more than your run of the mill products. Every single item they sell has been designed, then made with great care using quality supplies.

They have been designed with your pets in mind. Then tested to make sure they go the distance. Each and every product is made by hand with much attention to detail. They love making these things for you and hopefully they will continue to for many years to come.

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