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DapperDorable is owned by Steph who is absolutely, completely and unequivocally obsessed with her dog! It started as a healthy obsession, but quickly grew into the big, out of control and over the top monster that it is today. Dogs have always been a big part of her life growing up and she's never envisioned myself without one. But… when she welcomed her handsome dachshund baby Hercules into our lives in 2018, she knew he was something special. With the inspiration of Hercules behind her, DapperDorable was born!

At DapperDorable, they are dedicated to producing high quality, safe products that stand out from the crowd, and of course meet the needs of a modern, stylish pooch. They design luxurious Bow Ties and Hair Bows made specifically for active dogs. They use specific materials to ensure their products stand the test of time and they are constantly striving to produce innovative accessories that challenge the limits of what a pet accessory can be.

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