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I Like Rib Racks and I Cannot Lie.

As Aussie as the outback, our racks are 100% free-range Kangaroo Bone and they're a rib-cracker of a treat!

No bones about it, the marrow inside is rich with the good stuff like calcium and phosphorous and great for healthy joints.

A magic-mix of meat and bone, this long-lasting treat is hard on the chew, and on plaque, to fight doggo dental disease.

Roo is easy to love, hypoallergenic, low-in-fat - no cracked ribs only broken hearts when it's all chewed and gone.

We suggest treating your doggo for up to 30 minutes a day and supervised with this treat.

Available in a 4 or 10 pack.



100% Kangaroo Rib Rack


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