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Green Lipped Mussels 50g | Kirsten and Diva

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Kirsten and Diva Green Lipped Mussels contain naturally high levels of Omega 3 which is fantastic for maintaining healthy bones and skin.  

Green Lipped Mussels are a great high value training treat and quick snack for a job well done. Your Dog will find this treat irresistible!  

100% Green Lipped Mussels with no additives, Colours, flavours or preservatives of any kind.


Adding Extra Omega 3 to your Dogs Diet has delicious benefits:

Reduces infections caused by yeast, fungal, or bacteria in dogs ears.

Treatment of allergic and inflammatory dermatological conditions in dogs.

Training and learning enhancing properties (increased brain function).

Reduces cardiovascular problems like sudden cardiac death or arrhythmias, blood clots and hypertension.

Assists in treatment of ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis

Good cholesterol rises with fish oil for dogs, providing a better cholesterol profile.

Reduces incidence of renal damage.

Reduces cancer cells proliferation.

A high source of anti-oxidants which help cells repair themselves.

Shinier coat & control of “doggy stink”.


Our model is @jaycee.cavapoo



100% Green lipped Mussels
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